Race officer (OOD) notes


Race sheet (one per race)
Results summary (One per Event or Series)
Entry form (Open Events – one per person)
Protest form (useful for youth events!)
SWSC club PY numbers
(see below for corrected times calculation and key code explanation)

Race Timer

The Race Timer instructions are below but there is also a copy placed on the wall in the OOD box. It’s easy to use, so don’t be intimidated by its modern contemporary look!

  1. Switch off at plug.
  2. Press the timer reset button.
  3. Turn race start switch to prepare.
  4. Turn on at plug.
  5. When you want to start the race, just turn the race start switch from prepare to race start. The rest of the sequence is automated, first a blue 10 minute light will illuminate and the horn will sound, next the 5 minute white light will illuminate and the horn will sound, next the 4 minute white light will illuminate and the horn will sound, next the 1 minute white light will come on and the horn will sound, next the the four lights will go out and the horn will sound and the red go light will come on. The race timers will commence timing the race. The horn can be used independently.
  6. Turn off at plug when finished.

Calculating Corrected Times

Corrected times (used for race results) are calculated by using the following formulae:
Corrected Time (C) = Elapsed Time (E) x 1000 / Portsmouth Number (N)
(Times are expressed in seconds.)

OOD & rescue boat attendance times

Time Action
1 hour before race start OOD and rescue team to be at the Club
30 mins before race start Rescue boats to be ready for action and OOD hut open
20 mins before race start Course posted on the OOD box
Finish: Saturday/Sunday

The OOD/Team Leader is responsible for notifying the other Duty team members of their duty dates. Anyone exchanging duties must find his/her own substitute and update the master duty list on the club notice board or inform the Sailing or Vice-Sailing Captain of the change. The Duty lists will be posted in Tell-Tales and also posted on the club notice board. The Team Leader / OOD must be prepared to man the rescue boat if necessary.

OOD and Rescue – Duty Summary

It is the OOD’s responsibility to run the day’s racing and oversee the use of the water. A race will not take place without a manned rescue boat being available—see Sailing Instructions (in Yearbook). In order to enable Club sailing, all members pledge to take turns at OOD/Rescue Duty. Please ensure you know your duty days from the published rota and arrange necessary swaps well in advance. OOD and Rescue Duty lists are published regularly on the web-site, in Tell-Tales and by e-mail alerts. Contact the Sailing Captain well in advance with dates you are not available.

The Club strongly urges all members to acquire recognised RYA approved Rescue Boat training / qualifications. If you are new and not confident in the OOD or Rescue Boat roles, please do not hesitate to ask for help from fellow members, who will be more than willing to assist you. To improve your skills, SWSC does run advertised courses, but the quickest way to learn is to do an assisting role as soon as practicable.

The sailing captain has provided ‘Notes for OODs’ in the race box. Please read these carefully – they will give you valuable insight into race preparations, setting courses, start sequences, visual and sound signals, recalls, handicap calculations etc.

RYA Portsmouth Yardstick List
© RYA 2010

The ‘SWSC club PY numbers’ link at the top of the page provides the SWSC Club adopted list of PY numbers last updated Jan 2010. This may vary from the official RYA PY Numbers due to club adjustments instigated by the sailing committee (in the interests of fairness).

Key code explanation:
A = asymmetric spinnaker
C = conventional spinnaker
0 = no spinnaker

Status key:
PY = Primary Yardstick
SY = Secondary Yardstick
RN = Recorded Number
CN = Club Number
TN = Trial Number

You will find the full current RYA PY system, how it works and current lists from this RYA site link.
If you notice any updates or changes, please inform the SWSC sailing committee by email so these may be considered for update to the club PY list by the sailing committee. Thanks.