Scammonden Water is a large 42 hectare reservoir which was formed when the M62 motorway was built and is believed to be the only reservoir with a 6 lane motorway on its dam wall. Anyway, this makes access from most parts of the county and country relatively easy (but no, unfortunately we don’t have our own slip-road; unless you’re very unlucky).

We have a large Clubhouse with all the facilities expected of a modern sailing club.  The men’s changing area is situated on the ground floor and has good sized changing room which leads off to 4 showers. Adjacent to both these areas are the toilet facilities.

Also on the ground floor is an area for storing spare equipment, although this is left at the owners risk. But with this in mind, the area is only accessed by entering a security code on the outside door.  The code is issued to all members on joining. As people are coming and going from this area during sailing times, it is recommended that valuables/money etc. are locked in the owner’s cars.

There is a ladies changing room on the second floor of the main building which is accessed through the main door and an inner security door. Again there is a large dry changing area with new showers and toilet facilities.

The clubhouse first floor houses the galley and eating area with panoramic views over the lake. The galley is fully equipped with catering facilities that are often called on to provide a hot lunch for open meetings and social events.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are available at all times during sailing times.

Also on this floor is the modern and comfortable bar with prices which you would expect of a private club.  This is usually open after sailing and is often the focus of a detailed, and usually humorous analysis of the day’s races. Social events are also organised in this area.

We positively encourage family and friends of members to join in social events or come along on any sailing day.  If you are not sailing there are walks around the stunning scenery at the edge of  the lake where you can still keep an eye on the sailing as well as the varied wildlife. A pair of binoculars is highly recommended for both.


On entering the club grounds there is parking to both the left and right of the approach road, and an overspill if needed. There are berths for 100 boats which are allocated by the member responsible for organising the boat park. All are level and have direct access to the two concrete slipways.


Sailing is generally a safe sport but safety is of paramount importance, and for this reason we provide safety cover at all times. A new safety boat has been purchased in recent years so we can have two safety boats on the water at any time to provide help and assistance if needed.

The Water

There is 42 hectares of water totalling 1,700 million gallons which means there is more than enough room for all activities and abilities whether you’re racing or just messing about. Just about all of the water is sailable.

Courses for racing are set by the Officer of the Day (OD), who is helped by two rescue crew. The OD also decides if conditions are suitable which is usually determined by too much or too little wind. But it’s rare for a day’s sailing to be called off. The OD hut is quite new and is equipped with electronic timing.