Duty rota via DutyMan

During the 2012 season we introduced a new interactive duty rota using DutyMan (there’s also a link to DutyMan on the right of the page).

This is a live and interactive duty roster which allows members to manage their duties more effectively. This includes confirming duties, being able to swap your duties online, volunteer for duties and also submit dates when you are unavailable for duty.

DutyMan is simple to navigate and there is also a section called ‘How do I’ accessed by a link near the top of the front page. This explains how to use the system and will answer most of your technical questions.

If you are new to DutyMan you should receive a welcome email. If you haven’t, then please contact Ian Turrell or Paul Cornish. The welcome email will contain a username and a standard password which you can change when you log into DutyMan.

Once you have seen your duties on the roster (by selecting each month on the Roster page) and you are happy that you can do them, please click on the ‘Confirm your duties’ link on the right of the page. You can either ‘Confirm All’ or select individual duties by following the instructions on the page.

For those worried about their contact details being available online, privacy settings ensure your contact details are visible only to members of the club and only when they are logged in to DutyMan. This means your contact details cannot be seen by someone who is not a member.

If you have any further questions about DutyMan or have not received log in details please contact Ian or Paul now.