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Topper 45034
Ideal beginners boat
Top cover
The sail is in decent condition
New trolley
Little use over the last 3 years
Located at SWSC
For more details call Paul – details below.
Price: £475
Contact: Paul Cornish
Telephone: 07717 203935
20 August 2017

D-Zero 107
Launching trolley and cover.
Ready to race.
For more details call Ben – details below.
Price: £4,800
Contact: Ben Ratcliffe
Telephone: 01484 423288
18 August 2017

Laser 157542
Good condition standard Laser equipped with:
Full XD kit, including Harken kicker
Standard and Radial sails and rigs so you can choose the right sail for the wind
Spare daggerboard
Shoulder bag for daggerboard, rudder and spares
Top cover and under cover
Combi launch and road trolley
Professionally maintained by Boat Bits
Little used over last 3 years
Located at Scammonden Water Sailing Club.
Price: £1495
Contact: Chris Lancaster
Telephone: 07849 119604
18 August 2017

Streaker 1460
Wooden boat built to measurement certificate.
Fully epoxied internally, varnished deck & cockpit, painted hull.
Raised front cockpit floor by Butler Boats.
Stiffened cockpit floor by Boat Bits.
Sleeved Rigel mast, Deneb boom, bearing blocks throughout.
Laminated dagger board and rudder with alloy stock.
3 sails – 1 fair, 1 good (other number), 1 practise quality only.
Under & over covers, over cover newish, under cover tatty but useable.
Combi trolley/trailer with double stacking top unit. Old and tatty but serviceable.
Located at Scammonden Water Sailing Club.
Price: £920
Contact: Stephen Yates (selling on behalf of Sophie Yates)
Telephone: 07917 690138
13 August 2017